Improving the Air Quality of Your Home

The seemingly constant rain that we get here in Seattle forces us to spend more time than we’d like indoors. As we pass day after day, week after week, locked away in our comfortable homes, we are continually exposed to some of the contaminants that can naturally appear in the air of our homes. As time goes on, many indoor contaminants can start to increase, such as dust, mold, and various gases that threaten our health. Here are the top 3 ways you can improve the air quality in your home with an air duct cleaning service.

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1. Keep Plants In Your Home

Keeping a variety of plants inside your home can have many beneficial results. As plants take in CO2 and other chemicals, they can help to significantly reduce the amount of indoor air pollution. Toluene, xylene, and benzene are all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), often found in cleaners and paint products, which  indoor plants are able to filter out of our hear : WordPress blog

Maintaining the vitality of your household plants can be a difficult task, especially during the cold winter months. To help their plants stay healthy, owners should research the proper care for each type of plant in their home, and water, fertilize, and prune accordingly.

2. Seal Your Air Ducts

While this project may require the assistance of heating and cooling professionals, sealing your ducts can drastically affect the air quality of your home. During the winter when we have the heaters running, cracks in the air duct system of your home can allow cold air inside and decrease the comfort of your home. The efficiency of your heating system can easily be restored by simply sealing cracks and leaks in your system.

In addition, it may be wise to reseal areas around doors, windows and vents that appear to be cracking or that could potentially be allowing outside air in. With a simple trip to the hardware store you can purchase some caulking, reseal these areas, and easily eliminate the risk of having energy escaping through these cracks and tiny holes.

3. Insulate Your House

It is important to take time to inspect the condition of your insulation. Insulation that is insufficient or of a poor quality is not doing you any service. The first step is to analyze the insulation to see if it is of a high enough quality to to successfully do its job. A thin layer of sheet insulation or spray in insulation can be deceiving. Not having enough insulation in your attic or crawl space makes it incapable of thoroughly protecting your home.

The second step is to analyze the condition of the insulation you have. If it is wet, damp, or moldy, it can encourage the release of mold spores and chemicals into the air, as well as invite pests and insects. A local insulation service company, like ourselves, can help you analyze the condition of your insulation, conduct a thorough cleaning of your attic and crawl space, and have it reinsulated to improve the air quality and comfort of your home.

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